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Madden picks up on what Fifa had already started the previous year: the sports simulation gets a story mode. Just in time for the new NFL season, we felt the new gameplay mode in EA Sports's new Football Simulation Madden NFL 18 on the tooth.


What is Longshot?

Whoever sees the trailer may expect a changed version of the career mode: A player who goes his way from high school to college and the Draft to the big NFL fame while doing a lot of action in the field.

But that is not the case.

Longshot is an interactive film. The story, so much can be said spoiler-free, accompanies the talented, however, the ideal way outdated quarterback Devin Wade. According to the football cliche, Wade came from a small town in Texas and became the star of his high school. The real action is just before the regional NFL Combine, where young players are subjected to various performance tests. To this Combine, Devin Wade and his best friend Colton Cruise, often simply called "Colt", are going to make a leap into one of the 32 teams on Draft Day. The two close friends are sure to have an advantage: while Devin is quarterback, Colt plays as a wide reciever.

What does "Longshot" mean?

Devin Wade is a so-called longshot, a player who has talent but still has a lot of learning and improvement before he has the strength to be signed by a professional team. Well-known longshots that became stars in the NFL are, for example, the former quarterback Kurt Warner, who came to the US League only through the detour of the NFL Europe League and there with the St. Louis Rams (now Los Angeles Rams) the Super Bowl XXXIV or Partiot's superstar Tom Brady, who was only punished in the sixth round and only came through the serious injury of Drew Bledsoe into the situation as a starter.

[Madden NFL 18 Guides ] 30 August, 2017 22:00

A new year, a new Madden part. On August 25, Madden NFL 18 was released. Developer EA SPORTS has mainly screwed up the graphics and implemented the new story mode "Longshot".

Hamburg - Already at the start of Madden NFL 18 shows EA, which they put special emphasis on this year: the variety modes. You can choose between Arcade, Simulation and Competitive. Depending on the setting, the gameplay orientation changes in offline mode.

Arcade is for players who want to see breathtaking moves and passports - even if realism suffers. In the simulation, however, this looks different. The focus is on a very authentic playing experience - penalties and injuries are included. If you decide to be competitive, Madden asks some of you and makes sure that you already know how to steer your stars. This mode is only for real experts.


New Ultimate Team Features

But the variety of modes goes beyond this. On the one hand there would be Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). Here you can create your own fantasy team and compete against other players. New in Madden 18 is the Squad option. This gives you the opportunity to join your team with two friends to create the strongest team possible.

In a game, each one plays a certain role: defense, attack or head coach. A lot of the player experience in MUT will continue to be solo. But EA has also an innovation: MUT Champions. As with FIFA 17, you can start a first step towards the eSports career, or simply play for coins and packs, through the mode.

Franchise Mode: Beginner Friendly But Not Innovative

For those who prefer to stay away from multiplayer, the franchise mode is still the first choice. A good feeling is given to new players. Training sessions not only improve the values of your stars, but also bring your own playful background and some tactical finesse. However, those who have reckoned with major innovations will be disappointed this year. Apart from some cosmetic aspects, hardly any changes can be detected.

Story Mode And Graphics

For Madden completely new is however the story mode "Longshot". You are following the career of Quarterback Devin Wade, who is fighting through the Draft to get closer to his dream of the NFL. The gameplay is characterized by minor examples and decisions.

These, however, hardly affect the course of history. Much more, your reputation changes before the Draft and ultimately decides on which position you are picked. "Longshot" is thus a strong demarcation from the other modes in Madden and allows a new game feeling. Also graphically, the story has a lot to offer, and underlines the much better impression that the game makes compared to Madden NFL 17.


Madden 18 did not make a gigantic leap in comparison to its predecessor. Franchise mode and gameplay have largely remained unchanged, and MUT is not bursting with innovation. "Longshot", on the other hand, offers variety between the many modes in Madden 18 and is a good base on which upcoming parts can build. By the way, gamers can buy madden 18 coins online to make a finely personalized Madden team.