Madden picks up on what Fifa had already started the previous year: the sports simulation gets a story mode. Just in time for the new NFL season, we felt the new gameplay mode in EA Sports's new Football Simulation Madden NFL 18 on the tooth.


What is Longshot?

Whoever sees the trailer may expect a changed version of the career mode: A player who goes his way from high school to college and the Draft to the big NFL fame while doing a lot of action in the field.

But that is not the case.

Longshot is an interactive film. The story, so much can be said spoiler-free, accompanies the talented, however, the ideal way outdated quarterback Devin Wade. According to the football cliche, Wade came from a small town in Texas and became the star of his high school. The real action is just before the regional NFL Combine, where young players are subjected to various performance tests. To this Combine, Devin Wade and his best friend Colton Cruise, often simply called "Colt", are going to make a leap into one of the 32 teams on Draft Day. The two close friends are sure to have an advantage: while Devin is quarterback, Colt plays as a wide reciever.

What does "Longshot" mean?

Devin Wade is a so-called longshot, a player who has talent but still has a lot of learning and improvement before he has the strength to be signed by a professional team. Well-known longshots that became stars in the NFL are, for example, the former quarterback Kurt Warner, who came to the US League only through the detour of the NFL Europe League and there with the St. Louis Rams (now Los Angeles Rams) the Super Bowl XXXIV or Partiot's superstar Tom Brady, who was only punished in the sixth round and only came through the serious injury of Drew Bledsoe into the situation as a starter.